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Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd is the first independent investment adviser in Malaysia. It has been described as "one of the country's most iconoclastic and critical research outfits".

In February 2004, Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd launched icapital education.

Since our inception in 1988, we have remained totally independent and have been providing objective advice on Stockmarkets and Economies through iCapital.

The iCapital newsletter is its flagship product. It has been around since 1989.

In 2002, icapital.biz, the online version of iCapital was launched.


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Global Questions, Malaysian Challenges, Our Answers - A Revisit



12 August 2002 (Monday)



Sarawak Room, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Course Objective :
In this comprehensive and integrated seminar, icapital.biz will discuss its answers to complex global questions and the many Malaysian challenges.
We must not allow the prolonged crisis to paralyse us - such inaction would be the gravest mistake. We need to grasp the complex issues, the real causes, the risks and opportunities that lie ahead and be prepared for any eventuality. From this special seminar, participants will certainly be well equipped and more confident to manage and invest in a truly turbulent period.


Course Outline




Session A : Global Questions


The 1997 Great Asian Crisis, Its Aftermath, Present Global Conditions


Tea Break

10.30am- 12.30pm

Why the 19th century recessions matter Japan's Deflation - Is the end near?
Will The US be another Japan?
US, Japan, Europe, China - Economic prospects Impact of The Internet & China Inflation or Deflation?
Major Stock Markets - What is happening and their outlook?




Session B : Malaysian Challenges, Our Answers


The Malaysian economy : Its past, present and future A critical assessment of its economic outlook


Tea Break


The KLSE - Where is it heading? When is the next bull?


Session C : Conclusion
Investment and Business Strategies
Questions and Answers

End of Seminar


In the last 5 years, the Malaysian and the world economies have been under great stress and have experienced very volatile conditions. Starting with the 1997 Great Asian Crisis, the economic and financial tidal wave has reached the shores of the US. What hit us in the last 5 years ? How and when will this once-in-a-generation global economic crisis end ? Why is the 19th century important ? What is the outlook for the Malaysian economy and the KLSE ? How will your investment, your business and your career be affected?

The Speaker


Tan Teng Boo
The “brains” behind Capital Dynamics S/B, a licensed investment adviser and Capital Dynamics Asset Management S/B, a licensed fund manager. As one of the most experienced and top performing fund managers, he will share his vast experience and intimate knowledge.

Designed for


CEOs/Managing Directors, Senior Managers, Businessmen, Professionals
Fund Managers, Serious Investors & Traders
Anyone seeking a clear understanding of the prolonged global economic crisis and wants to find out the best strategies.