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In February 2004, Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd launched icapital education.

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Home > Seminar > 7 November 2003

Malaysia's economy, the KLSE and a new Prime Minister



7 November 2003



3rd Floor, Bangunan KWSP, Changkat Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
(jointly held with TEC-8)


Course Objective :
Understand Malaysia's economic future under a new Prime Minister ans d its impact on the KLSE.


Course Outline

[1]. Background

[2]. Global Backdrop
  1. US economy
  2. Japan economy
  3. Updates on world economy
    * US GDP
    * US CPI
    * Japan GDP
    * Japan CPI
    * China's Role In Exports
    * Semiconductor Industry - Recovery
    * NASDAQ - bottomed out

C. Malaysia's Situation and Prospects
Very Mediocre Economic Performance - the HARD facts.
    1. 1961-81 vs 1982-2002
    2. Malaysia's Average Nominal GDP Growth
    3. Malaysia's GDP Per Capita in 2002
    4. GDP Per Capita
    5. 1961-2002

C.2. Malaysia's Economic and Political Prospects
Global Outlook
    1. Semiconductor sales and Malaysia's exports
    2. Weakening US$
    3. US Current Account Deficit
    4. Malaysia's FDI
    5. The Asian Equity Markets - Why the KLSE is lagging
    6. New political leadership - Badawi's speech in March 2003
        The power of low expectations and strong tailwind.
    7. KLSE and M1 Money Supply
    8. Long-term KLSE CI