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Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd is the first independent investment adviser in Malaysia. It has been described as "one of the country's most iconoclastic and critical research outfits".

In February 2004, Capital Dynamics Sdn Bhd launched icapital education.

Since our inception in 1988, we have remained totally independent and have been providing objective advice on Stockmarkets and Economies through iCapital.

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Understand Technical Analysis, Trade Smartly



28 February 2004



Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Course Objective :
The objective of this unique seminar is to share our vast experience and skills in charting and technical analysis. The aim is not only to educate participants in identifying trading and investing opportunities but also to educate them of the risks involved and how they can be managed. It is only via the proper use of the 3 fundamental tools of charting, technical analysis and sound money management that investors/traders could trade either profitably or without subjecting themselves to excessive risks. Therefore, this seminar not only aim to assists its participants in understanding the various trading tools available but also to show them how they can use them to their advantage, either in a bull or a bear market.


Course Outline




General announcements


Introduction (Tan Teng Boo, Looi Kean Heng, Chong Willy)

- Uses/Users of Technical Analysis
  - leading indicator of market trends, identify turning points, market timing, trading
  - futures, commodities, equities, currencies, derivatives

- Philosophy Behind The Mystique
  i. Market action discounts everything.
  ii. Prices move in trends.
  iii. History repeats itself.

Chart Analysis

- Introduction
- Reversal Patterns
  - Head & Shoulders Top/Bottom, Double Top/Bottom, Saucer, Rounding
    Top/Bottom, V-Bottom/Top, Inverted triangles.
- Continuation Patterns
  - Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending/Descending Triangle, Diamond.
- Consolidation Patterns
  - Flags, Pennants, Wedges, Rectangles, Trend Channels.
- Trend Lines
  - Resistance, Support.
- Price Gaps
  - Ex-dividend, Exhaustion, Breakaway/Runaway.
- Questions & Answers


Tea Break


Technical Indicators (Tan Teng Boo, Looi Kean Heng, Chong Willy)

- Introduction
- Trend Indicators
  - Single Moving Averages (simple, exponential, weighted)
  - Dual and Triple Moving Averages
  - Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  - Directional Movement Indicators (DMI, ADXR)
- Momentum Indicators
  - Wilder's Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  - Stochastic Oscillator
  - Chande Momentum Indicator
- Market Strength Indicators
  - On Balance Volume (OBV)
  - Demand Index (DI)
- Volatility Indicators
  - Bollinger Bands
  - Chaikin's Volatility
- Questions & Answers




Technical Indicators (Tan Teng Boo, Looi Kean Heng, Chong Willy)

- Introduction
- Initial Capital/Trade Objectives
- Expectation & Probabilities
- Probability of Ruin
- Stop Losses, Trailing-stops
- Trading Guidelines
- Questions & Answers


Tea Break


Technical Analysis, the KLSE, Trading Opportunities (Tan Teng Boo, Looi Kean Heng, Chong Willy)

- How to Trade Intelligently in the KLSE
- Determination of Entry & Exit Points
- Long-term vs Short-term Trading Tools/Indicators
- Forecasting Major & Minor Trends


- Comparing Technical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis
- Combining Technical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis
- Asset Allocation


Questions and Answers
(Tan Teng Boo, Looi Kean Heng, Chong Willy)